Specifics of Writing Sociology Papers

All of us are a part of society. Every person, perhaps from the very moment of birth, becomes a subject of all kinds of relationships and influences. Parents, peers, media, politics, culture, education—all this, as well as a variety of other factors, forms our personalities, and moreover, it forms what we call social life. In general, studying these relationships and influences is the task of sociology. Being a part of a society, we may think that we are familiar with its life, its values, and its structure and organization; however, if you are a sociology student, you might already realize that this is not the case. As a sociology student, you have probably noticed that social processes that many people take for granted, or believe to understand them well, have deep underlying reasons standing behind them; studying these reasons while maintaining a position of a distant observer, not a member of a society—this is what it takes to be a sociologist.

Respectively, when studying and having to write tons of sociology research papers or sociology essays, your task is to learn how to take this distant position, how to be objective, and how to exclude yourself from social relations for a certain period of time in order to be able to study and question the social realities (behaviors, attitudes, relationships, and so on) in an unbiased and scientific way.

Any sociology research paper (and, in general, any sociology paper) requires a student to possess certain skills. The most important one is to formulate a hypothesis properly (since the formulation of a problem defines the direction of further research). Also, a student writing sociology essays must know how to build arguments, and rely on both sociological theory and empirical studies.

Sociology is a broad scientific field, so choosing a topic to write a sociology essay or sociology research paper on can be challenging. Nevertheless, it is a manageable task if you start with choosing a specific direction in sociology. For example, if you choose family relationships, the topics you might feel interested in could look like this, “Are working women better mothers than those who do not work?”, “Violence in families: what causes family members to abuse each other?”, “Why is it advisable for young people to reach the age of 21 before getting married?”, and so on. Or, if you choose media and its influence on society, the topics you might want to write a sociology research paper on could sound like, “Misconceptions about gender that contemporary media products instill teenagers with,” “Violent video games as a means for young people to “lose steam”, “How modern media products have changed conceptions regarding career.” Other possible topics may include issues connected to sexual orientation, gender stereotypes and roles, feminism, racism, escapism, the phenomenon of “loneliness in the big city,” and so on. As you can see, the variety of subjects is huge, so choosing an interesting topic for a sociology paper should not be a big problem.

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