Why an Economic Paper Is the Most Common Type of Academic Assignments?

It is impossible to deny that economics is one of the spheres that interests and worries millions of people all over the world: starting with a Wall Street stockbroker and ending up with a retired old man wishing to know what to expect tomorrow. And, after devastating the economic crises of early 2000s, people’s interest towards the economy has only grown. It can even be stated that being familiar with at least the basics of economics is crucial for every person living in the 21st century, because one way or another, the life of an average person revolves around money and financial relations: buying, selling, mortgaging, loans, credits, insurance, alimony, payments by installment—these are just several examples of financial operations we face on an everyday basis. Simply put, the reason for economics being so important (and for economic papers being such a common type of academic assignments) can be formulated this way: it is everywhere.

Types of Economic Papers

Naturally, the majority of educational institutions teach their students economics, and thus having to write economics essays or economics research papers is an almost inevitable part of studying. There is, in fact, a number of kinds of economics papers a regular student must write during his/her studying at a university. For example, there are theoretical papers, which utilize mathematical models in order to understand, describe, or analyze economical processes or behaviors. Although there are economics papers based on graphs (in other words, papers illustrating material with the help of infographics, charts, and so on), usually it is required that students get familiar with (and learn to apply in practice) mathematical formulas related to a certain economic process. Empirical papers on economics rely on statistics, econometrics, and other data; usually, a student writing an empirical paper needs to come up with a hypothesis, and then prove it with the help of statistics and other relevant data. A case note paper analyzes singular legal cases from the economics point of view. Literature surveys are similar to literature summaries, and require a researcher to read through a number of sources on a chosen subject in order to find possible connections between them (and thus discover links between different approaches on studying economics, for example), or illustrate the chosen subject as fully as possible. These, as well as some other types of economics papers, require a student to possess honed skills in data gathering and analysis, as well as logical thinking and a talent in math.

Considering the breadth of the field of economics, the variety of topics a student can write a paper on is huge. Economic processes are dynamic and ever-changing, so there is always something new to research and write about. Still, there are some topics that remain popular for years. For example, here are some of the topics your teacher might possibly want to assign you: “The history of economic thought,” “Differences between socialistic and capitalistic economies,” “The role of Karl Marx in the development of modern economic theories,” “What is the “hidden hand of the market,” “What factors affect consumers’ behaviors the most, and why,” “The role of trade-unions in modern economy,” “The main methods of macroeconomic forecasting,” and so on. Of course, there may be other topics, relevant to the most recent economic tendencies.

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