The Reason Why You Have to Write Ethics Papers

“Two things awe me most: the starry sky above me, and the moral law within me.” This quote by the famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant probably reflects, in a poetic way, the two main spheres of life that have been puzzling and keeping people interested for ages. The urge to learn the yet unknown, go beyond the boundaries of the comprehended reality, as well as the ever complex and intricate questions regarding good and evil, right and wrong, heavenly and devilish—indeed, these problems are perpetual, and many challenges of our everyday lives originate from them. Whereas the former is mostly a subject of natural sciences such as astronomy or physics, the latter has been long researched by philosophy and ethics, in particular. Unlike many people tend to think, ethics is not something abstract and divorced from real life; a lot of everyday situations imply interacting with society, making decisions that may have far-reaching consequences and affect other people, having to constantly make choices based on our moral principles (or contradicting the conventional moral norms). All this, as well as much more, is the subject of ethics. Therefore, it is logical and natural that ethics is paid a lot of attention to—particularly, as a discipline in a number of educational institutions. Thus, as in any other discipline, students need to write a number of ethics research papers, essays on ethics, articles, and so on.

Ethics Paper Topic Examples

Ethics essays are always a challenge for students. Why? Mostly because the topics of ethics papers are never easy. A regular paper on this subject does not sound like, “Would it be moral or immoral to not take a kitty off a tree?” (although this can be a tough moral choice as well). Rather, ethics essay topics regard such issues as, “Should teenagers be allowed to undergo plastic surgeries?”, “What are the moral aspects of capital punishment?”, “What would you do, if you learned that a married couple, who are your best friends, cheat on each other?”, “Euthanasia: a solution, or legalized murder?”, “Do you believe there is a cult of guilt being cultivated in white male Americans?”, “Do you believe people are indeed equal in their possibilities?”, and so on. None of these topics are an easy task, and philosophers, psychologists, and other specialists spend years searching for answers to these questions, so obviously your teachers do not expect you to solve them in a night before your ethics paper is due; rather, you are required to demonstrate your skills of supporting your thesis, logically proving your point of view, and the ability to approach sensitive subjects in a non-standard manner.

Besides, there are different paradigms within ethics. All of us have heard of medical ethics, business ethics, political ethics, military ethics, animal ethics, relational ethics, and so on. So, along with more general subjects such as the ones listed above, a student studying ethics may have to write an ethics essay or even an ethics research paper on a subject like, “What are the reasons for women earning less than men?”, “Moral aspects of firing a female employee who became pregnant,” “In which cases can a doctor break their patients’ confidentiality?”, “Should captive war criminals be held in humane conditions?”, and so on.

How to Write an Ethics Essay

There are two ways: a conventional one, and an emergency one. Choosing the former, first of all you, will need to research the subject. Make sure you can find a sufficient amount of sources dedicated to the subject in order to be able to find all the necessary information. Read through the sources most relevant to your topic, and try to figure out major points of view regarding the problem you are researching. Develop a thesis that will fully disclose your attitude towards the subject, and seek for the arguments that will support the statement you make. Since you are already aware of the existing opinions on your topic, you can both support your thesis with the authority of other researchers, and/or refute those opinions and approaches that contradict your thesis. Cite your sources properly, and voila! your ethics paper is ready.

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