What is a Psychology Paper?

To start with, there is no such thing as a simple psychology paper—instead, there is a wide variety of topics and kinds of papers that students need to deal with. For example, among the most popular assignments, psychology essays are perhaps the most common and easiest ones. Usually, they are dedicated to the analysis of a certain case, or a piece of expository writing explaining concepts or terms. Psychology research papers, or psychology reports—another popular type of assignments—require students to share their empirical observations during the course of an experiment, usually assigned by an instructor; research papers or reports consist of the abstract, introduction, the section which describes chosen methodology, the section containing results of the experiment/observation/analysis, discussion section, and a list of references. Psychology literature reviews require students to summarize and analyze literary sources written on a certain subject; depending on the assignment, a student may need to analyze on average 10-15 sources in a paper up to 20 pages long.

As it can be seen, a psychology paper is not just an essay on a topic related to psychology; rather, it is a serious piece of writing requiring a student to properly choose methodology, skills of processing and analyzing primary sources, as well as attention during observations and critical thinking skills during the analysis of data obtained throughout the experiments conducted.

Psychology Paper Topics: How to Choose?

If you are not lucky enough to be assigned with psychology topic for research paper by your instructor and thus to be spared of the necessity to choose from a wide range of things to write about, you will need to pick a subject yourself (or, on the contrary, you might feel lucky to be able to choose what suits you best). Anyways, what might help you is the variety of directions in which contemporary psychology is developing in. For example, there is developmental psychology (mostly focusing on the development of children), cognitive psychology (studying the phenomena of perception, intelligence, and knowledge), abnormal psychology (focusing on psychological deviations), and a lot of other directions. So, having decided on the direction you would like to research, you might want to pick such psychology paper topics as “Causes of the social anxiety disorder” (abnormal psychology), “The influence of social networks on child’s development” (developmental psychology), “Factors impacting the length of teenagers’ attention spans” (cognitive psychology, developmental psychology), “Methods of diagnosing depression in young people” (abnormal psychology), “The syndrome of false memories” (cognitive psychology), and so on. Besides, there are many topics related to general psychology, such as “The advantages and drawbacks of the psychological experiment method,” “Tricks mass media use to manipulate mass consciousness,” “Most common psychological defensive mechanisms,” and so on. Regardless of which direction and topic you have chosen, you might want to consult with your instructor first in order to make sure the topic is relevant, and that you can find enough sources and data to support your research and the arguments you will come up with.

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